Useful Apps

Here are just a few of the apps/websites I find most helpful for use in a classroom…

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Students in Social Studies 8 use Google Classroom.  They may sign in on any computer.  Here students will find a stream that allows students to interact with each other and includes class assignments, homework, and other materials.  Click the Classroom icon for more information.


Screen shot 2015-09-26 at 10.26.51 AMCopyright Kids is a great website for kids that explains copyright and how it works.  Click the Copyright Icon for more information.


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Parents and students should routinely check out the Downey Unified School District’s website to stay informed on news and opportunities throughout the district.  Click the icon to find a number of parent and student resources.



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Probably the best source of news and information on any subject under the sun.  I have found Flipboard to be a fabulous resource on just about anything.  Click on the link to create your own magazine.




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Frontier Heros is a Planet H game from The History Channel created for kids.  The app allows kids to explore American history while playing.  The game starts with the Native Americans before Colonials times and travels through the California Gold Rush.  Click on the picture to download the game on Google Chrome.




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Find tools offered on Google Docs and how to use them by clicking on the Google Doc icon to the left.




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Calculate your GPA using this middle school GPA tracker.





Hypothesis is an annotation tool used to discuss, collaborate, organize research, or take personal notes on almost any website.




A wescreenshot-149bsite that allows a person to make an explanatory video that includes pictures and voice.  This website is easy to use and videos look well made.




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A fabulous resource for parents and students.  This link includes grades, a calendar of events, and email service for all teachers at Downey Unified.  A student should be checking their grades every day.  Click here to log in.  You will need an account which must be created in the office at school.


Screen shot 2015-05-17 at 8.30.18 AMQuizlet is a free app that will allow students to make their own flashcards to study for exams.  The program also offers games and quizzes to ensure students learn the information.  Click the Quizlet icon and give it a try.


Screen shot 2015-06-12 at 2.42.04 PM


Sussman Middle School’s website has lots of information like bell schedules, teacher emails, news, teacher websites, etc.


Screenshot (181)

Sussman Middle School’s Library Website has lots of information on how to use MLA style on assignments, books, and other information.  Check it out!



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A cool app with lots of graphics and information.  I use this site as a learning tool.  Click on the icon and take a look around.  There is a lot of cool stuff to see.



Screen shot 2015-05-19 at 7.27.12 AM


Lots of great videos on just about anything under the sun.  Click on the icon to check out Mrs. Espeseth’s channel.



Screenshot (24)


The U.S. Constitution all in one place.  This app is easy to read and use.  Want to know all of the contents of the U.S. Constitution?  Look no further, this app has is all.  Click on the icon to learn more.


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