United States Constitution App

United States Constitution

Want to know what’s in the Constitution?  Just download the Constitution app for your phone.  It is a great handy guide when looking up information about the Constitution.


Spirit Photos


They were called “spirit photos” and they were very popular in the early 1900s.  To many, it was proof that ghosts really did exist.  What those people did not know was that a good photographer knew how to manipulate a photograph.  In other words, the pictures were fake.  Check out this article on Flipboard to see more creepy photos that show dead relatives hanging around…

September 17th is Constitution Day!

Happy Constitution Day!

Constitution Day, also known as Citizenship Day, is the day Americans remember the adoption of the United States Constitution and the people who have become United States citizens.  The first time Constitution Day was celebrated was in Iowa in 1911.  September 17th is the day that the Constitution was signed by our Founding Fathers in Philadelphia in 1787.

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