Alexander Hamilton

Kids Can Make a Difference! When it comes to history, even kids, teens, and young adults can play an important role.  Check out this famous American to learn more hero.

Alexander Hamilton age 22

Screenshot (287)Alexander Hamilton lost his parents while living on a Caribbean island when he was just 13 years old.  To support himself and his younger brother, Hamilton got a job as a clerk.  He proved to be so smart that people help pay for him to go to King’s College which is now called Columbia University located in New York in the North American colonies.  When the American Revolution began, Hamilton at 19 years old, joined the rebels by serving as General George Washington’s chief staff aide.  He proved to be very valuable to Washington.  He later left to become a soldier on the battlefield. Later, after the war, Hamilton helped write the Federalist Papers and was a member of Washington’s first presidential cabinet.

Write Here, Write Now!

dsc_0226Sussman Middle School’s instructional learning focus is writing.  Which means that Sussman Middle School students spend a lot of time writing.  Which is a good thing for a number of reasons.  One very important reason is everyone should be able to get their message across through writing.

Students write year round in all of their classes but twice a year teachers record the scores with a number between 1-4, with 4 being the highest.  The bulletin board shows the scores of the two different types of classes Mrs. Espeseth teachers.  The left side is Social Studies 8 and the right side is AVID 7.  Both groups did very well for their first prompt.  Check in next semester to see how the students grow in their writing ability!