Is What I’m Reading on the Internet Real?

Have you ever read information on-line and wondered if the information was true or not?  Take this quiz to find out…

  1. Has someone identified themselves as the owner of the information?

  2. Have you seen the information on different websites?

  3. Is the information from a source that you are familiar with?

  4. Does the information have a published date?

  5. Is the Author of the information an expert in the subject area? Did he/she go to school to study that subject?

  6. Does the information match what you already know?

  7. Does the information seem realistic?


Want to learn more about these questions and learning how to find the truth when reading information on-line?  Read the entire article here!

Espeseth Room 11 Technology Policy


  1. Students are expected to take out their work WHILE signing-in as soon as the tardy bell rings.
  2. When Mrs. Espeseth is talking students are expected to put the computer screen down and/or make eye contact. Do not work on computer unless requested to do so.
  3. Occasionally phones will be used in class, please silence them before coming into class.
  4. Respect the computers at all times. Do not write on them, deface them, or destroy them in any way.  Please come to me if you notice anything wrong with the computer.
  5. Be sure to log out at the end of every class period. Be nice and help out a fellow student who has forgotten to log out.
  6. Plagiarism is wrong and against the law. Please be sure to do your own work at all times.

What to Do When You Get Stuck

If, at any time, you have an issue with the computer do not exchange it for another one.  If there is something wrong with the computer I need to know.  If you run into a fixable glitch you need to know how to fix it.

  • When dealing with Wi-Fi issues it is best to be patient.
  • If a computer freezes then force close, wait 30 seconds, then restart the computer.
  • Most computer problems are operator error, be patient, try again, ask the people sitting next to you. If all of you do not know the problem then raise your hand and ask me.

What to do when you are finished with an Assignment

Go to and read an article.  Then comment on the article, be sure to include what you learned and what you found interesting.

If any computer rule is broken the following will be enforced:

  1. First Infraction-Warning
  2. Second Infraction-Loss of computer for the rest of the day/session, contact with the Dean, and a note home.
  3. Third Infraction-No computer for a week, contact with the Dean, and a note home.
  4. Fourth Infraction-Placement in another class.

Ready to buy School Supplies?

School Supplies are a vital part to the success of your student.  Students need to make sure they have the proper school supplies EVERYDAY.  When students don’t bring needed supplies to school they lose valuable class time looking to borrow needed items.  Students become a distraction or disruption to the teacher and the students.  Or worse, students sit in class and do nothing which is a complete waste of time.  Make sure your students are using every school moment to the best of their ability by having the needed school supplies.

  1. Three ring binder (about 1-1 ½ inches wide)
  2. Dividers for every subject
  3. Paper (College ruled)
  4. Only Blue or black ink pens
  5. Pencils with an eraser
  6. Highlighter color of your choice
  7. Colors-crayons or pencils, No Markers

OPTIONAL ITEMS include a stapler, pencil sharpener, tissues and 3 hole-punch

Remember it may be necessary to replenish school supplies throughout the year.  Constantly look for sales on these items and buy in bulk when you see them on sale.  When you see a particularly good sale mention it in the comment section.

School Success Starts with the Basics!

Want your child to have a great school year?  Then start with the basics.  The following items are needed EVERYDAY for a student to do his/her best at school:

  • Sleep. Check out this article on sleep.  Sleep is incredibly important for a kid to be successful in school.  I have seen students many times too tired to concentrate.  It is crucial students and parents create a sleep schedule and STICK to it!
  • A regular time and place to do homework.  Homework is serious business.  In some classes, homework can account for as much as 50% of a student’s grade.  Be sure your student creates a routine to get homework done, EVERYDAY.  And where ever that homework spot is make sure it is a quiet, TV and radio free zone.
  • Help.  Sussman offers so many different programs to help students who need it.  Comment below or call me for all the places your student can get help before, during, or after the school day.
  • A full stomach.  Healthy Breakfasts and lunches are served at Sussman.  Be sure your student does not skip meals.  School is a lot of work and kids need all of the energy they can get.
  • Three-way Communication with parent, student, and teacher. Working together we can achieve a lot.

Please feel free to email me for help or more ideas and suggestions! at

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What to Watch on the 4th of July

Happy Fourth of July!  After you celebrate the signing of the Declaration of Independence (Which really happened July 2nd) and you have your fill of hot dogs, barbecues, and fireworks, sit down relax and watch a movie.

Here are four movies to watch on the Fourth of July.

1.  Liberty’s Kids-The First Fourth of July.  A cartoon explaining in detail what happened on July 4, 1776.  Rated TV-Y7.

2.  John Adams.  The incredible story of John Adams.  No rating.

3.  Independence Day.  Aliens have come to Earth to destroy it and it is up to Americans on the Fourth of July to save it and all mankind.  A really fun movie. Rated PG-13.

4. Yankee Doodle Dandy.  The story of George M. Cohan, born on the Fourth of July.  He was a famous musical composer, playwright, actor, dancer and singer.  No rating.

Am I missing one?  I’d love to hear your positive comments…