United States Constitution App

United States Constitution

Want to know what’s in the Constitution?  Just download the Constitution app for your phone.  It is a great handy guide when looking up information about the Constitution.


Spirit Photos


They were called “spirit photos” and they were very popular in the early 1900s.  To many, it was proof that ghosts really did exist.  What those people did not know was that a good photographer knew how to manipulate a photograph.  In other words, the pictures were fake.  Check out this article on Flipboard to see more creepy photos that show dead relatives hanging around…

Funeral in Montana

_20170922_071731My husband’s aunt died last week so my family and I flew to Salt Lake City.

We were not prepared for the very cold weather once we arrived. But we rented a car and started to drive the 10 hour drive to Montana.


I am not a fan of cold weather but it was nice way to celebrate the first day of fall and it was a nice break from the heat we have been experiencing in Downey.

My husband’s family had a nice few days of visiting and eating. We ate lots of traditional Norwegian foods like potato dumplings and lefse and lots of not so traditional foods like cookies and cakes.


Espeseth came from all over we represented Southern California and we won the prize of traveling the farthest but there were people from Oregon, Minnesota, North Dakota, Idaho, and Wyoming.

After three days it was time to had back home. The weather was a lovely 55*.


You can see why Montana is known as Big Sky. 10 hours back to Salt Lake City and my family is just about ready to get on the plane back to Long Beach.


I will be back to school tomorrow.