What Did You Eat for Thanksgiving?

Classic Thanksgiving dinners usually include turkey or ham, stuffing, mashed potatoes, and gravy or sweet potatoes topped with marshmallows.  On the side, a person might find squash or green beans and cranberry sauce. Finally, there could be rolls and pumpkin pie. But does Thanksgiving have to include these foods?  Most of us share many different holiday traditions that call for an eclectic menu.  What foods did you eat for Thanksgiving?

After the meal, what does your family do?  Prepare to shop, do the dishes, start decorating for Christmas, watch football?

Comment and share your holiday with us.



3 thoughts on “What Did You Eat for Thanksgiving?

  1. I ate ham with mashed potatoes on the side with gravy on top, once every one was done we ate pumpkin pie and apple pie and ended the day with movies.


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