DBQ’s At Sussman Middle School

It is incredibly important to be able to write well to get into college.

That is why Downey Unified School District has adopted the DBQ essay in their Social Studies classes.  All Social Studies classes from 6th grade through 12 grade practice the DBQ writing process numerous times throughout the school year.  What is a DBQ, you may be asking?  A Document-Based Question is a five paragraph essay that typically answers a question based on a number of readings.  The DBQ’s teach students how to develop an arguable thesis and create strong supporting sentences with evidence.

Another very important part of the writing process is mastering grammar.  It is critical that students continue to work on grammar.  Bad grammar is a distraction when reading essays and it takes away the writer’s credibility.  What reader will think a writer is an expert if he/she can not write a correct sentence?

Sussman Middle School has made a commitment to writing by making it our school-wide focus.  That means that students should be writing in all of their classes, including P.E., all of the time.

Remember learning to write well takes time and practice.  A student must learn to embrace every chance to practice to perfect the writing process.





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