Marquis De Lafayette

Kids Can Make a Difference! When it comes to history, even kids, teens, and young adults can play an important role.  Check out this famous American to learn more hero.

Gilbert Du Motier

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Gilbert Du Motier was a lord in France.  His title was the Marquis De Lafayette.  He has been known throughout history as the Marquis or The Marquis De Lafayette.  George Washington called him De Lafayette.  No matter what he was called, he was only 19 years old when he came to help the Colonials fight the British.  This was kind of a big deal because the Marquis was told by the government of France that he could not travel to America.  He defied his King and government and volunteered in 1777.  He befriended General George Washington who later saw him as the son he never had. However, the young aristocrat’s most important contribution didn’t occur on the field of battle. He helped convince the French monarch, King Louis XVI, to intercede on behalf of the American rebels. These efforts paid off in 1780,

His greatest achievement for the Americans fighting for independence did not happen on the battlefield but in the French Palace at Versaille. De Lafayette helped convince the King of France, to send reinforcements and financial aid to the struggling Patriots. Many think that without the aid of Gilbert Du Motier, the American Revolution would have been lost by the Colonials.  Not bad for a 19-year-old!

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