Ready to buy School Supplies?

School Supplies are a vital part of the success of your student.  Students need to make sure they have the proper school supplies EVERY DAY.  When students don’t bring needed supplies to school they lose valuable class time looking to borrow needed items.  Students become a distraction or disruption to the teacher and the students.  Or worse, students sit in class and do nothing which is a complete waste of time.  Make sure your students are using every school moment to the best of their ability by having the needed school supplies.

  1. Three ring binder (about 1-1 ½ inches wide)
  2. Dividers for every subject
  3. Paper (College ruled)
  4. Only Blue or black ink pens
  5. Pencils with an eraser
  6. Highlighter color of your choice
  7. Colors-crayons or pencils, No Markers

OPTIONAL ITEMS include a stapler, pencil sharpener, tissues and 3 hole-punch

Remember it may be necessary to replenish school supplies throughout the year.  Constantly look for sales on these items and buy in bulk when you see them on sale.  When you see a particularly good sale mention it in the comment section.


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