Want Extra Credit?

One of the main reasons the American Revolution was fought in the Colonies in the late 1700s was the Colonists anger over their treatment by Great Britain.  Currently, we are studying the 10 reasons below by creating a timeline and writing a 5 W sentence description.

For 10 bonus points, rate the 10 events by how much it angered the Colonists.  The top event should, in your opinion, be the event that angered Colonists the most.  The last event the least.  Include one sentence explaining your thinking.

You will be rewarded points based on your knowledge of the event and how sound your reasoning is.  A maximum of 10 points is possible.

Boston Massacre

Boston Tea Party

Committee of Correspondence

End of the French and Indian War

Intolerable Acts

Proclamation of 1763

Stamp Act

Sugar Act

Tea Act

Townshend Acts


2 thoughts on “Want Extra Credit?

  1. The Boston massacre was a shooting that happened onMarch 5,1770. The colonists we’re angry at British soldiers so they started to throw things at them. A colonist knockout a British soldier, so in panic they started shooting. Several colonists were killed when they started shooting. This led up to the Boston Tea Party later.


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