Be Sure to Stay Smart and Be on the Look Out for Fake News!

There is so much misinformation on the internet these days.  All readers of the internet must be aware of articles, websites, and fake news floating around the web that is not true.  There are lots of ways to spot untrue information.

  1. Be doubtful!  Just because it is on the net does not make it true.  Anyone can publish information on the internet.  Always assume what you are reading is not true.  Always find another source that backs up the information you are reading.
  2. Check and double check!  Look at who published the information.  Be aware that some news sources are more honest than others.  Be sure you know which sites to rely on and which ones you don’t.
  3. Look for the real story!  Fake news, information, and articles exist for a reason.  Start paying attention to why an article or information has been included on a site.  Many sites are looking for traffic to earn money from ads.  Those sites will do anything to drive traffic to their site including adding fake information.
  4. Use a Fact Checking Source that you trust!  Sites like and are good sites that will help you decide which news is read and which is not.


Comment any sites that you have found helpful or trustworthy in your school research below!


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