Susan B. Anthony

Recently, students learned about abolitionists.  Abolitionists were brave men and women who were against slavery and tried to end it before the outbreak of the Civil War.  Students were asked to pick one abolitionist and create a Thinglink Display. Each picture has a collection of links.  Click on the link to learn more about Susan B. Anthony.

by Peter C.

By Christopher G.



by Emily M.

by Kimberly O.


Want to see all of the Thinglink projects?

John Quincy Adams

Lucretia Mott

Elizabeth Cady Stanton

John Brown

Frederick Douglass

William Lloyd Garrison

David Walker

The Grimke Sisters

Sojourner Truth

12 thoughts on “Susan B. Anthony

  1. My favorite thinglink is Kimberly O’s because she used years and dates and she also put in a lot of facts I didn’t know about so I also learned a few new things about Susan B. Anthony.


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  4. My favorite Thinglink from my row is Susan B. Anthony by Kimberely O. because it has a lot of information about Susan B. Anthony and the years included. This is also my favorite because the information listed is easy to understand.


  5. Emily M.’s thinglink on Susan B. Anthony was my favorite because it had good descriptions of Susan B. Anthony and she had set up a good collage of pictures of Susan B. Anthony.


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