Frederick Douglass

Recently, students learned about abolitionists.  Abolitionists were brave men and women who were against slavery and tried to end it before the outbreak of the Civil War.  Students were asked to pick one abolitionist and create a Thinglink Display. Each picture has a collection of links.  Click on the link to learn more about Frederick Douglass.

by Diego V.


by Isabella P.

by Melony T.

by Carlos R.

by Fernando L.

by Amier A.

by Bryan C.

by Mya D.

by Jhannene G.

by Andy G.

by Jeuellz B.

by Crystal F.

by Natalie S.

by Joseph O.

by Natalie P.

by Melony P.

by Matthew H.

by Jose D.

by Christian T.

by Elijah W.

by Gisselle F.

by Adrian Z.

By Clemente R.

by Daniela C.

by Ramon P.

by Issac V.

by Raul M.

by DeDe T.

by Melissa A.

by Brooklyn R.

By Byron C.

Want to see all of the Thinglink projects?

John Quincy Adams

Susan B. Anthony

John Brown

Lucretia Mott

Elizabeth Cady Stanton

William Lloyd Garrison

David Walker

The Grimke Sisters

Sojourner Truth


29 thoughts on “Frederick Douglass

  1. I think Jhannene G. has the best thing link because she was very creative and her facts helped me understand how Frederick Douglass is an abolitionist.


  2. I think that Isabella P.’s thinglink is the best because there is a pretty good description and detail about the different things Frederick Douglass did to fight against slavery.


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  5. I think the best thing link was Mathew H. I think this because I think that he went all out on the picture and his facts actually made me understand who Fredrick Douglas was and why and how he was for anti-slavery.


  6. I really liked Jhennene G. because it is very creative.Also it has alot of intersting facts.Last of all i really like the picures added in there thing link.


  7. Adrian Z I liked your article on Fredrick Douglass it told all the facts about what Fredrick Douglass helped and what he did during the war to try to stop slavery and it showed me info on when where he was born and when he died.


  8. Ramon P I like your thing link because it is simple and is informative. I also enjoyed this because of the way it has been made.


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