Why Did So Many Colonists Die?

Did you know that out of 110 original English Settlers, only 40 would be alive at the end of December? English colonists from England, their mother country, arrived in Jamestown in 1607. Jamestown is located in Virginia near the Chesapeake Bay. The English were trying to create a new world and a better life. There were three reasons why colonists died from 1607-1611. They were dirty water, bad relations with Native Americans, and poor settler skills.

One of the reasons many English colonists died was dirty water. English colonists were dumping human waste and their filth in the river water (Doc. A). Then the colonists were drinking the dirty water, swimming in the dirty water, and were bathing in the dirty water. Another reason that colonists were dying was the drought. The colonist had to drink the bad water because there was no good water to drink. The colonists became sick, then dehydrated from drinking dirty water and finally they died. They also got many diseases from the water.

Another reason many English colonists died was bad relations with the Native Americans. One thing that the English colonists did that made them have a bad relation with the Natives was the English cut off two Natives heads because the Natives did not want to trade(Doc. D). Another thing that made the English and the Natives have a bad relationship was the English had many different diseases and the NativeAmericans got those diseases and died. I understand why the English colonists had a bad relationship with the Natives. The English believed that the Natives Americans were only good and useful for trading and nothing else.

The last reason that English colonists died was poor settler skills. The English colonists had poor settler skills so they were not able to cook food for themselves and didn’t know how to do anything else. The English  died because most of the people on the ship were gentlemen. A gentleman was a person that was wealthy but lost all his money and was not used to working with his hands so he didn’t work (Doc. C). The English Colonists with no settler skills or any type of skills would die for not knowing how to take care of themselves.

In conclusion, these are three reasons  English colonists died in Jamestown.


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