Hillary Clinton Not First Person with Popular Vote to Lose Presidency

Hillary Clinton lost the presidency in 2016 even though more people voted for her than Donald Trump.  Mrs. Clinton is not the first person to lose the presidency even though she had more votes than her opponent.

In 1824 Andrew Jackson lost to John Quincy Adams.  It worked out in the end, in 1828 Andrew Jackson, who created the Democratic Party we still have today, ran again and beat John Quincy Adams.

 In 1876 Samuel Tilden lost to Rutherford B. Hayes.  The election was so controversial and so confusing that many people did not know how to decide the presidency.  The Compromise of 1877 solved all issues by awarding 20 electoral votes to Hayes.  In return, the South saw the end of Reconstruction when federal troops left the area. 


In 1888 Grover Cleveland lost to Benjamin Harrison.  Cleveland, seeking a second term as president, became unpopular with Civil War veterans, farmers, and industrialists yet, he still won the popular vote by a very narrow margin.  

In 2000 Al Gore lost to George W. Bush.  Bush is the son of George Bush, who was also president.  Like our current election, a recount occurred.

Will Hillary Clinton remain the fifth person to lose the presidency even though she had the popular vote?  What do you think?


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