Jamestown: Why Did So Many Colonists Die? by Gisselle F.

The English colonists arrived at Jamestown, which is now modern-state Virginia, in the spring of 1607 from their mother country, England. The colonists sailed to the new world to  seek  a better life by  building a new colony. There are many reasons as to why the colonists died in Jamestown from 1607 to 1611. Some of these reasons were  English settlers had bad relations with the Native Americans,  bad water, and  poor settler skills.

 Bad relations with the Powhatans caused a lot of the settlers to die. As it says in Document A and B, there was mistrust between the two races because the Native Americans were forced to trade food with the settlers. Their anger caused seven colonists to be  killed by the Native Americans. When Native Americans and the English settlers could not get along, this led to war. Settlers died.

    Bad water caused many different bad outcomes towards the English settlers. The tide had a bad effect on the health of the people in Jamestown (Document A). The drought may have caused the starvation (Document B). Without the rain, there would be no producing crops. Many of the settlers died when the water got brackish, filthy, and unsanitary because the colonists got diseases.

 Many of the settlers died of having poor settler skills. English kept coming, but the vast majority were young and most were poor (Document C and E). Gentlemen did not know how to work with their hands and there were some settlers without any occupations. The fact that most of the English were young and poor made it difficult for them to work, thus, causing mortality.

 These are only three of the reasons why so many colonists in Jamestown died. I think that the main reason that so many settlers perished was because of their bad relations with the Native Americans.


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