Ben Franklin

Screenshot (285)Benjamin Franklin, who lived from 1706-1790 was a scientist, diplomat, statesmen, and one of the authors of the Declaration of Independence.  But his job was that of a printer. In the early 1700’s most young men did not go to school.  Instead, they would apprentice to learn a trade.  Franklin apprenticed at the age of twelve in a print shop in Boston. A print shop was a place where newspapers, book, and other printed materials were made.  By 1730, Benjamin Franklin had started his own printing business.  While working at the print shop, he published his own newspaper.  At this time, he became very political and openly expressed his opinion that the Colonies should be free from British rule. He spent the years 1757–1762 and 1764–1775 in England on a political mission.  He returned to Philadelphia to participate in the First Continental Congress. From 1776–1785 he served as an American politician in France.  He helped get the French to fight for the American revolution. Ben Franklin was so much more than a founding father of the United States.  He was the author of Poor Richard’s Almanack, he conducted experiments on electricity, the wave theory of light, and meteorology.  He was a musician playing the  violin, the harp, and guitar.  He was an inventor developing an improved version of a musical instrument called the glass harmonica.  He wrote music and was a fantastic chess player.  And he was the Postmaster of Philadelphia.  How did he have time to do all of that?

Today, Ben Franklin can be found on the $100 bill.


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