Harriet Tubman’s Greatest Achievements by Alex V.

Alex used the following template to write his body paragraphs…

 1.  TOPIC SENTENCE:  A rewrite of the question with the answer.  This sentence is the long answer to the question.


2.   EVIDENCE-This proves the argument to be true.  This can be a fact or a quote (only one quote per paragraph) from the reading.  REMEMBER to cite where the information came from.

Evidence 1


Evidence 2


3.  EXPLAIN THE EVIDENCE:  What does the evidence mean?  You must prove that you understand what the quote means or explain how the evidence ties into your topic sentence or argument.


4.  ARGUMENT:  Explains what the evidence proves.  It answers the question SO WHAT about the evidence????  This sentence answers why the topic sentence is true. (Example sentence–The evidence proves that THE TOPIC SENTENCE is true because…)


Harriet Tubman started off as a lowly slave but died a remarkable hero. Harriet Tubman wasn’t her real name, her birth name was Minty Ross. It was important for her to change her name because she was an escaped slave trying to help other slaves gain their freedom. So she needed a new identity. Harriet was around twenty-seven when she escaped slavery. Harriet joined a secret network known as the Underground Railroad to free slaves. Soon after Harriet became a spy for the Civil War, from there she became a Civil War nurse. After the war, she was a caregiver for the rest of her life. I was asked to define Harriet Tubman’s greatest achievement. I will also rank her achievements by the amount of risk, the number of people she helped, and the amount of time the achievement took. My definition of greatest achievement means a skill or effort given with an interest above average. Harriet Tubman’s life is full of many accomplishments. Here, I have rated them from the most important.  In my personal point of view, her greatest achievement was being a Civil War spy, her second greatest achievement was being a conductor on the Underground Railroad and lastly, her third greatest achievement was being a Civil War nurse and caregiver.

    Harriet Tubman’s most important achievement was being a Civil War spy. Harriet Tubman helped many people as a spy, without her work helping slaves, it would have been very hard. The reason for this being her greatest achievement was because Tubman was in a very risky situation.  Tubman was in enemy territory, a war zone, she was spying for the enemy and was on a gunboat. Tubman also helped many people that day, she helped rescue about eight-hundred people from slavery that day. At first, the slaves were scared to get on the gunboats that were going to free them. Instead of Tubman giving a speech, she sang a song that encouraged the slaves to get onto the gunboats to be free.  Tubman was always devoted to doing what she thought was right to help other slaves even if it risked her life. Thanks to Document C,  I was able to provide you with this information on why this is her greatest achievement.

    Harriet Tubman’s second greatest achievement was being a conductor on the Underground Railroad. This is her second greatest achievement because she helped a good amount of people, her risk was high, and it took quite a while. Tubman only saved around forty people in the time she worked for the Underground Railroad. The reason for only saving so few people was because of the risk she was in. The risk she had was very high because she was no longer safe while away from Canada due to the Fugitive Slave Act. The Fugitive Slave Act allowed white people to turn in escaped slaves to slave hunters to take them back to slave states. The Underground Railroad ran for about forty-one years but Harriet Tubman only helped the Underground Railroad for about ten years. Each run took two to three weeks. Although Harriet Tubman took a long time trying to help slaves escape, she did it because she thought it was the right thing to do. Thanks to Document A and B I was able to provide you with this information.

    Harriet Tubman’s third greatest achievement was being a Civil War nurse and caregiver. Harriet was a caregiver her entire life but before that, she was a Civil War nurse.  Harriet wasn’t a nurse to white people during the war. She was a nurse for the Fifty-fourth  Massachusetts. The Fifty-fourth Massachusetts was the first all-black regiment to fight in the Civil War. These men volunteered to be in the war. In class, we looked up how many soldiers survived that were part of the Fifty-fourth Massachusetts, we found that about two-hundred were being cared for. Since there were not many nurses Harriet Tubman probably cared for most of them.  The risk she was not as high as her other achievements, the risk was at a medium rate because she was in a war zone and could have caught a disease or been killed by enemy fire. Harriet Tubman didn’t give up being a nurse, she was devoted and stayed a nurse all four years of the war. After the war ended Tubman still continued helping people in need. From the end of the Civil War to the end of her life.  All forty-eight years of the rest of her life, Harriet Tubman helped people in need. She would help six to eight people at a time and some people would stay longer than others, so there isn’t much evidence on how many people she helped exactly. The risk she was in was the lowest of all her achievements, her risk was very low. The reason for it being low is that the only danger she was in was catching a disease. Although being a Civil War nurse and a caregiver isn’t her greatest achievement it’s a very thoughtful achievement because she wasn’t asked to do what she did.  She did it because she thought it was the right thing to do. Thanks to document D and E I was able to provide you the evidence given above.

    Harriet Tubman is an inspirational role model to everyone. Tubman was a lowly slave who died as a remarkable hero with many great achievements. She was a Civil War spy, a conductor on the Underground Railroad, and she was a Civil War nurse and caregiver. I hope that you will admire Harriet Tubman as much as I do. She is a remarkable hero to her people and wasn’t afraid to risk her own life to fight for what she believed in.

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