How to Outline from a Book

Last week we learned how to outline from a book.  Many students outline texts that they read for a variety of reasons.  The first and most important is for studying purposes.  It is much easier and less time consuming to read a text once, outline it, and study the outline than to reread a text many times.  With practice, outlining a book is very easy.

Be sure to title your notes the name of the Chapter or lesson you are outlining and the pages the text can be found.

I.  Name of Section in Across the Centuries those are the Blue titles

A.  Topic Sentence  of Paragraph

1.  Supporting details

a.  This line is optional and only used if there are many items   listed in a supporting detail

Check out the example below:
Screenshot (29)



Abbreviate and shorten as much as you can but be sure the document makes sense.  If you don’t understand what your are reading there is no benefit.


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