The First Presidential Debate of the 2016 Election

Be sure to watch the Republican Presdential debate TONIGHT.  Many think this debate will be the most watched ever!  It is the first Republican debate scheduled of many.

Need a Who’s Who to keep those who are running for President straight?

  1. Real estate magnate Donald Trump (23.4%)
  2. Former Florida Governor and son and brother to former Presidents Jeb Bush (12.0%)
  3. Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker (10.2%)
  4. Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee (6.6%)
  5. Retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson (5.8%)
  6. Texas Senator Ted Cruz (5.4%)
  7. Florida Senator Marco Rubio (5.4%)
  8. Kentucky Senator Rand Paul (4.8%)
  9. New Jersey Governor Chris Christie (3.4%)
  10. Ohio Governor John Kasich (3.2%)

There are more Republican candidates than just the 10 above.  However, only these ten will be allowed to participate.  These ten were chosen by averaging the five major national poll results from Bloomberg, CBS, Fox News, Monmouth University and Quinnipiac University.  The percentage number in parenthesis is the predicted outcome of the likely hood of that person being nominated for the Republican Presidential candidate today.

These 10 will be talking tonight about issues important to the Republican party.

This debate will be following a strict format.

  • A moderator asks a question, each candidate gets a 60 second answers period with 30 second follow-ups and rebuttals.

Should be a very interesting piece of history.


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