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Who’s the First President of the United States?

If you said George Washington, you’d be wrong! Well technically. Wait! What? Remember the Constitution was the SECOND constitution of the United States. The first was the Articles of Confederation. And just like the Constitution, we had a president. Not every four years, but every single year. Want to know…

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General Howe’s Dog

Want extra credit?  5 Bonus points to anyone who can prove that George Washington was a good person and made sure that General Howe’s lost dog was returned to him unharmed during the American Revolution.

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How Did George Washington Ever Survive?

George Washington lived to be 67 years old.  In those 67 years, our first President had smallpox, bouts of malaria, multiple infections and abscesses, tuberculosis, dysentery and multiple common illnesses such as colds, the flu, etc. But wait, there’s more!  By George Washington’s own account he survived “four Bullets through my…

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Battlefield Bible

If you were going into battle what would you take with you?  How about your bible?  Well, one soldier did just that.  A man named Francis Merrifield, who fought at Bunker Hill, one of the first battles of the American Revolution fought in 1775 carried his bible with him and…

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Writing DBQs

How to Write an Introduction and Conclusion for a DBQ

Writing an introduction and conclusion for a DBQ doesn’t have to be hard especially if you follow the easy guide shown below. There are two tables one for the introduction and one for the conclusion. Each table addresses every sentence needed for each of the two paragraphs and they are in order.

Using A Document Analysis to Write the DBQ Body Paragraphs

Learn how to read and annotate a DBQ Document so that it makes sense. Take the information from that Document to write a DBQ paragraph by completing a Document Analysis. Then use that Document Analysis to write a perfect paragraph for your DBQ essay.

Writing a Body Paragraph for a DBQ

Learn to Write a DBQ body paragraph. If you have used the Document Analysis, writing a body paragraph is as easy as copying the chart. Other How-To Articles You Might Find Useful