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The Confederate White House

It makes sense.  If the Union had a White House, why shouldn’t the Confederacy?  The photo above shows the Confederate White House located in Richmond, Virginia where Confederate President Jefferson Davis lived from 1861-1865.  The Confederate White House was located only 90 miles away from the United States’ White House.…

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The Navy During the Civil War

Did you know the American Navy known as the USN (United States Navy) was an important part of the American victory of the Civil War?  With over 50 naval battles during the Civil War, the United States Navy was incredibly busy.  Want to learn 10 facts about the Navy?  Click…

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On this Day, in 1765, the Quarter Act was Passed

On March 24, 1765 British Parliament created the first Quartering Act. This act eventually led to the 3rd Amendment. Schools everywhere, including my classroom, has taught students that the thrid amendment was created by the Colonists because they feared that the British could and would kick out Americans from their…

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The Civil War Begins and Ends With One Person

His name was Wilmer McLean and he lived in Manassas, Virginia.  In 1861, in what was one of the first battles of the war, McLean’s house was hit by Union cannon fire.  The shell went through his dining room.  It was at that point William McLean and his family moved…

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Writing DBQs

How to Write an Introduction and Conclusion for a DBQ

Writing an introduction and conclusion for a DBQ doesn’t have to be hard especially if you follow the easy guide shown below. There are two tables one for the introduction and one for the conclusion. Each table addresses every sentence needed for each of the two paragraphs and they are in order.

Using A Document Analysis to Write the DBQ Body Paragraphs

Learn how to read and annotate a DBQ Document so that it makes sense. Take the information from that Document to write a DBQ paragraph by completing a Document Analysis. Then use that Document Analysis to write a perfect paragraph for your DBQ essay.

Writing a Body Paragraph for a DBQ

Learn to Write a DBQ body paragraph. If you have used the Document Analysis, writing a body paragraph is as easy as copying the chart. Other How-To Articles You Might Find Useful