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The Beginning of the 54th Massachusetts Regiment

On this day, January 26th, in 1863, the Massachusetts Governor was given permission from the U.S. Secretary of War to raise a militia of African-American men.  This group of soldiers became known as the 54th Massachusetts Regiment. The Fifty-fourth Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry Regiment was the first military unit that consisted…

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A Factory Pully System

Before factories used electricity and before factories burnt coal, factories relied on wind or water. A factory would use a system called belt and pulley to use that wind or water to make their machines work. Below are a number of pictures that show how the belt and pulley system…

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Mexican-American War Soldiers Finally Return Home

After 160 years, thirteen soldiers are returned home after losing their lives in a foreign land for their country. Read this article to learn more about 13 American soldiers that are returned home to a hero’s welcome 160 years after the Mexican-American War.

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Happy Birthday, Ben Franklin!

Ben Franklin was born on this day in 1706. He began his incredible journey as a newspaper apprentice.  He quickly learned that he did not want to set the print for others to write, he wanted to write himself.  Which he did much to the anger of his brother, the…

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Austin Becomes the State Capital

A lot of people don’t know that after Texas won its independence from Texas in 1846 it asked to become a state in the United States.  The United States said no.  Long story short, the United States did not want to disrupt the very fragile balance of power between the…

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Writing DBQs

How to Write an Introduction and Conclusion for a DBQ

Writing an introduction and conclusion for a DBQ doesn’t have to be hard especially if you follow the easy guide shown below. There are two tables one for the introduction and one for the conclusion. Each table addresses every sentence needed for each of the two paragraphs and they are in order.

Using A Document Analysis to Write the DBQ Body Paragraphs

Learn how to read and annotate a DBQ Document so that it makes sense. Take the information from that Document to write a DBQ paragraph by completing a Document Analysis. Then use that Document Analysis to write a perfect paragraph for your DBQ essay.

Writing a Body Paragraph for a DBQ

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