Answers to Questions Kids Ask About the Civil War

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Civil War Medal of Honor Winner is a Woman

Dr. Mary Edwards Walker in 1911. (Bain News Service/Library of Congress)

Dr. Mary Walker is the only woman to receive the medal of honor, and one of only eight civilians. Dr. Walker was a Union spy whose job was to uncover information for the North.  Learn about her adventures, her capture by the Confederates, and her terrifying prison experience by clicking here!


Directed by Stephen Spielberg, Lincoln is the story of the last few months of Abraham Lincoln’s life.  It is a movie that shows how a president is able to get things done while in office.  In this instance, this president is trying to pass the 13th Amendment.

It is 1865, the Civil War is coming to an end, United States president, Abraham Lincoln is trying to get rid of slavery in the United States.  He feels an urgency to get the law passed before the war ends so that the Southern States will not be able to fight against it. This movie is the story of his struggle to do the right thing.

This movie was rated PG-13 for an intense scene of war violence, some images of death and carnage and brief strong language.  Be sure to check with your parents before watching.

Did Families Watch the Battle of Bull Run as Picnic-ers?

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Picnic at Manassas by Richard Miller

The first official battle of the Civil War, the Battle of Bull Run, was fought on July 21, 1861.  Since then, stories about men, women, and children picnic-ers watching the battle on a Sunday day trip have floated around.  But is the story true?  Read this article to find out!